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Voice Test Post

Just what it says on the box! If you're interested in the game but not sure which character you want to play, or if you're testing out a new one, or if you just want to thread with someone, this is the place to do it. If you want to play your characters as already having Dream Eaters, that's just fine too - that's part of the fun of this game, after all!
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Months months. I've been here for twenty weeks - about five months.

[He fishes another cookie out of a storage compartment and holds it out to Church.]

Here. Give him this.

[That's about when a six-legged purple cat saunters in and starts rubbing against Wash's legs. He's been giving treats to other Spirits, which means it's her turn now.]
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Oh, well five months isn't so bad. I mean it's not years is it...

[Oh god he doesn't want to be stuck here for years, this place is weird.]

What, a cookie?

[He takes the cookie with a shrug, looks at it for a moment then hands it to the MeowWow, who looks likes he's going to explode from happiness. My Person Is Giving Me A Cookie! He Does Love Me!]

Uh... you have a bug-cat...thing.