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Name:Revenance RPG Crack & Character Testing Community
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You wake up suddenly - which is odd, since you don’t remember ever having been asleep. You’re in some sort of brightly lit town - or city, it’s hard to tell - and the little white winged-pompom-bear thing in front of you seems to want your attention. It introduces itself as a moogle, calls you kupo half a dozen times, gives you a small bag of what it deems necessary items, and explains that you’ve woken up in a world called Traverse Town...except you haven’t really woken up at all. As a world, Traverse Town is still asleep, and so are you. Welcome to the realm of dreams.

Revenance is a panfandom game based on Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. While it’d be nice to have some knowledge of Kingdom Hearts, you definitely don’t need it in order to play. Revenance is relatively open-ended: characters can choose a more slice-of-life experience, can focus on raising or training Dream Eaters, or can become involved in the unfolding story, which will take more of an action-adventure bent.

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