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Voice Test Post

Just what it says on the box! If you're interested in the game but not sure which character you want to play, or if you're testing out a new one, or if you just want to thread with someone, this is the place to do it. If you want to play your characters as already having Dream Eaters, that's just fine too - that's part of the fun of this game, after all!
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Dexter Grif | Red vs Blue

[personal profile] grifshot 2014-02-11 07:32 pm (UTC)(link)
[At least he's not on Chorus anymore.

So thinks Dexter Grif as he wanders around Traverse Town. It's kind of nice to be in some form of civilization after spending most of the past few years in some form of canyon. Usually in the middle of nowhere. With no way in or our. And coloured bases at either end. Landing in the middle of nowhere on a planet in the middle of nowhere really had been the icing on the cake.

So the change of scenery is nice. If a little weird.

Still, if there's a place he could get a decent meal around here, that would be fantastic. He's pretty sure his weird lizard thing agrees.]
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Croach the Tracker | Sparks Nevada: Marshal on Mars (The Thrilling Adventure Hour)

[personal profile] journaldesignated 2014-02-11 09:04 pm (UTC)(link)
[This is not G'loot Praktaw. Given that he has no recollection of how he came here, Croach is confused. The explanation he was given by the creature designated Moogle is obviously erroneous. This cannot be his dream - there would be far more triangles were that the case.]

[He supposes it is possible he has somehow entered a human dream. This is the tenth least desirable set of circumstances he can think to be in. He will have to make do for now and somehow ignore the nagging feeling of an onus left unfulfilled.]

[He is currently scouting the city, looking for advantageous positions to settle temporarily. The blue bouncing creature designated Meow Wow is not helping with his stealth in any capacity. Perhaps, once he finds a protected space, he can devote some thought into deciding upon its designation.]
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Aradia Megido | Homestuck

[personal profile] psych0p0mps 2014-02-11 10:43 pm (UTC)(link)
[In the town square, Aradia can be found sitting on a railing and digging through her newbie goodie bag. She's humming tunelessly to herself and kicking her feet absently. The consorts on this planet are nice enough, but she's intensely curious as to whose dream bubble this actually is. She's never seen anything like it, and she considers herself pretty well-traveled in the Furthest Ring.

Plus, it's got minigames. I mean, what even.

Bother the sparkly-ass fairy troll? Y/Y]
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Leonard Church (Alpha) | Red vs. Blue

[personal profile] originalcopy 2014-02-11 11:34 pm (UTC)(link)
[Have one grouchy blue soldier trying to ignore an eager, loving meow wow. Every so often it will get stepped on or kicked and then run frantically in circles, yipping and whining as if suddenly betrayed, making Church grumble and sigh in annoyance... then it goes right back to getting underfoot. Lather, rinse, repeat.]
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Lea | KH

[personal profile] flurry_of_flames 2014-02-11 11:38 pm (UTC)(link)
[...Of anywhere, in all the worlds, he could have been...!

On one hand, Lea knew exactly what was happening. On the other, he knew nothing at all about it. It was all done. It was finished. Riku'd done the job. ...So how could he be here?

He looks at the little lizard tailing him and laughs.
No two ways about it.]

Man. Bit early for me to be sitting the big test, huh?
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Ib | .... the game is also called Ib

[personal profile] bravelittlegirl 2014-02-12 12:08 am (UTC)(link)
[Even though she's young, this isn't the first time Ib's been trapped in a horrible nightmare world... and let's be real, this one's much nicer than the last. The "moogle" she met was very helpful (even if some of the things it said were disturbing), and with its assistance she was able to put together an adorable little Meow Wow, which is tagging along beside her as she explores the city. (She named it Rosie.)

Well... it's not really "exploring" so much as "looking for humans." There's a part of her that's earnestly hoping she's not the only one this time...]
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Queen Elsa | Frozen

[personal profile] defrostingicequeen 2014-02-12 01:15 am (UTC)(link)
[There's a young woman frantically tugging on the gates to Traverse Town. You know, the ones that don't actually open and don't lead anywhere. She didn't really stick around long enough to listen to the Moogles, though, which is why she does not know this. There's a trail of frost leading from where a very unhappy Steven is still hanging out to her, and more of it is spreading from where she stands, starting to creep up the walls.]
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The Director | Red vs. Blue

[personal profile] deardirect0r 2014-02-12 01:35 am (UTC)(link)
[Strange doesn't quite do the place justice. He's found his way to the market and while he dislikes crowds it seems a good place to start figuring out just what the hell is going on.]

This is the Director of Project Freelancer; now would be a good time to report Agents.

((ooc: I can't type a southern accent and not have it come out awful so I'll spare you and just let you fill in the accent.))
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Fran | Katekyo Hitman Reborn

[personal profile] rananebbia 2014-02-12 04:54 am (UTC)(link)
[There seemed to be an unusual kid with a gigantic frog hat simply exploring the streets of Traverse Town. Just trying to find the ins and outs of this world...Or whatever they seemed to call it. Kinda strange that a single town could possibly be enough to be considered a world when so far it didn't even seem big enough to be a town either.]

[Also this Spirit kept chewing on his hat. It was getting very obnoxious.]

Oi, stop that.

[He heard it hiss, presumably at him, although the munching appeared to have stopped so it must have worked...for now. Apparently this Hebby Repp was living up more to its namesake than Fran hoped.]
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Blake Belladonna | RWBY

[personal profile] blakethebeast 2014-02-12 06:30 am (UTC)(link)
[Blake's first reaction upon arrival is to explore. Keeping to quiet areas and trying to make up a mental map about this place. From all appearances it seems charming enough, but both a run in or two with nightmares and previous experience tells her appearances might be deceiving. So while none of the Nightmares have given such warning, upon hearing footsteps her hand automatically goes to the hilt of her sword.

She's not bothered to try making her first dream eater yet, despite what the strange creatures had told her, and she's very aware by now that she's alone and is feeling somewhat like a trapped cat as she watches out for whomever approaches.

If its a nightmare, she thinks she can take care of it. If its a person....well maybe they have an answer that makes more sense than "This is a dream".]

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Webster || Buzz

[personal profile] totterydiction 2014-02-19 12:31 am (UTC)(link)
[A little reluctantly Webster had pocketed his watch, putting on the wrist communicator and staring at it with distaste. It looked like one of those stupid smart watches that told you when you got a text but didn't work too well for actually reading them, or notifying you that you were getting a call and to pick up your cell phone. What was the point anyways?

Couldn't you just pick up your cell when it rang like normal people? He didn't get it.

And, with a long heaving sigh, he let his head fall back, staring at the sky of the strange place he had woken up in. Who ever heard of dream worlds you couldn't actually leave aside from in comic books and works of fiction? Perhaps this place was the same kind of place that busted out the Spelluminati? Just weird.]

This is stupid and I should be studying. [Or eating a sandwich. Or both just so long as he was careful to keep crumbs and condiments off the books.]
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Yang Xiao Long || RWBY

[personal profile] burnblonde 2014-03-25 01:45 am (UTC)(link)
You guys have got to be the weirdest Grimm I have ever seen.

[A busty blonde stands in front of a fountain in Traverse Town, her hands raised in fists and looking ready to fight. She is surrounded by various Nightmares, including a few Kooma Panda. She does not look phased at all, but she still might need a hand or two.]

Well? Come on!

[There's a burst of flame and Yang launches herself towards the first Nightmare.]
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Jack Frost | Rise of the Guardians

[personal profile] frostyfuntimes 2014-03-25 01:58 am (UTC)(link)
[A boy sits up in an alley way, gasping. His eyes are wide and he looks around in surprise. He blinks several times before hopping to his feet. The look of shock dissolves into one of recognition.]

I...I'm back?

[A grin starts to spread and he jumps into the air, hovering a few minutes and snow flurries around him.]

Oh man! I can't believe I'm back! I wonder if Princess Luna is still here...or my Dream Eaters.

[He shouts, flying up into the sky to get a better look around.]

Snowball~ Are you out there?
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[personal profile] scavenger 2014-05-01 10:31 pm (UTC)(link)
"I want to be a moogle," Hawke decides. Aloud. He's very grimy but he doesn't seem to care what effect that's going to have on the armchair he's flopped in. He's fiddling with the dream shards that a moogle gave him. Moogles have all the good stuff.