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Trick or Treat Meme

(Opening this one up to other games as well: everyone feel free to hop in and tag around!)


It's Halloween. Everyone loves candy, and what better way to get it than the time-honored practice of trick or treating? Or maybe you're on door duty, giving out candy or other surprises to those brave enough to show up at your door. Either which way, it's Halloween, and anything can happen.

How to Play:

- If your character is a trick or treater, pick a costume (optional), grab a group to go with (also optional), and tag into houses to get candy! You're also more than welcome to meet up with other trick or treaters in the meetup thread.

- If you'd rather give out candy, make your own subthread and be creative! Where are you handing out candy? It could be a house, a mansion, a trailer, a door into an alternate dimension, a low-hanging fog bank, a docked ship, anything. And how will trick or treaters get to your front door? Is there an obstacle course in the way? Booby traps? An obligatory dance floor? Zombies? Be creative! Just be sure to give out good loot if they do make it all the way to you - nothing is scarier than large groups of disgruntled trick or treaters.

EVERYONE CAN PLAY! Canon characters, AUs, OCs, even OOC journals can set up houses and trick or treat. Have fun and happy Halloween!

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