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Voice Test Post

Just what it says on the box! If you're interested in the game but not sure which character you want to play, or if you're testing out a new one, or if you just want to thread with someone, this is the place to do it. If you want to play your characters as already having Dream Eaters, that's just fine too - that's part of the fun of this game, after all!
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[The metaphorical apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Unfortunately the fall left both of them damaged.]

Carolina? [He tilts his head, sorry Carolina but try as he might the memories just aren't there anymore. All he knows is what Tex told him.]

That's just great, exactly what I need in my life, another Freelancer.

[There's an edge of bitter humor to his voice.]

[The Meow Wow fidgets and decides to move closer to his person, unsure if he should try to stand between him and the scary woman. Except she is very scary. Oh, they shouldn't sound so angry.]
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[ Whole lot of damage they're too stubborn or stupid to have seen to. Go figure. ]

[ Didn't Tex tell you she was dead? 'Cuz that's pretty much what everyone thought. The sheep nervously shuffles to place himself between the two Persons, mindful not to be stepped on. He's fluffy and large enough that that would take effort on both their parts -- but he's seen Carolina punt nightmares. She could do it with enough drive behind her actions. Gulp. ]

Don't flatter yourself. [Sneer] I'm not in your life, and I'm sure as hell not in Freelancer anymore.

[Except for how remnants of her team are still here, and, well. Still using the code name.]
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[You know somehow, by this point in his life, finding out someone who is supposed to be dead isn't... really isn't the shock it used to be. He's more concerned with the fact that every time a Freelancer shows up, his life takes another turn for the shittier.

Good, 'cause you Freelancers seem to enjoy finding new and ridiculous ways of fucking up my life.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'd like to find my way out here.

[Oh and he not really buying the 'not a Freelancer anymore thing'. What is that anyway? A Freelance Freelancer? Please.]
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SO LATE im so sorry

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[ Death really doesn't stick for very long where they come from, does it? Unless you happen to die twice. ]

[There's a derisive snort in reply to that] Don't flatter yourself.

Good luck getting out. Don't worry about the doors hitting you on the way out. They don't even open. [not the ones that lead home anyway]
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No worries

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[Or you're York :c ]

Hey, I'm just saying, every time one of you guys shows up something in my life goes to hell. [He manages to make that sound both spiteful and nonchalant. 'I hate you, but it's nothing personal']

There has to be a way out of here.
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[the only thing still canon from 'out of mind', sob! ]

Well, this time, you showed up in ours. So if you're going, get out already.

[ Don't worry, 'Church', she hates you and it's personal. That'll make up for it, right? Besides, it's not like she needs the Alpha anymore. Not when Epsilon now knows what she needed. ..Well, the Epsilon from her point in the timeline at least. ]

[ Since you wanted neither her help or her presence, all THAT line gets is a dismissive flick of fingers over one shoulder pauldron before Carolina heads back the way she came. ]
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[He pauses for a moment, watching her go. He doesn't need her fucking help, he can do this on his own... the meowwow looks up at him then over to her and makes a whimpering sound... yeah, who was he kidding? He totally needs help.]

[He sighs dramatically then trots a few steps to catch up with her, meowwow bounding along beside him.]

Hey, hang on a minute!
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[ The question is called over Carolina's shoulder. She's got places to go and things to do - beating up nightmares as a pony, for example. Her stride is pretty ground eating for all she's shorter than Church (robot body or otherwise), and she doesn't slow down at all on his say so.

Tobin bleats an apology to the meow wow, before vanishing in a cloud of purple smoke and sparkles. Only to rematerialize closer to his Person.