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Voice Test Post

Just what it says on the box! If you're interested in the game but not sure which character you want to play, or if you're testing out a new one, or if you just want to thread with someone, this is the place to do it. If you want to play your characters as already having Dream Eaters, that's just fine too - that's part of the fun of this game, after all!
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[The Hebby Repp seems a little bit shy at the attention, as much as a lizard can look shy.

Lea, on the other hand, tries not to look startled at being overheard. He laughs, waves a hand-]

Oh, it's nothing. Just thinking out loud.
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[Well, it certainly seems like the Lea she knows. But it's hard to say for certain. Or at least, it is for now.]

I don't think something big can be nothing. But if you're sure....
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It's not something that was going to happen in a hurry. Don't worry about it.

[He shrugs it off. He can dream, though - well, possibly in multiple senses, here.]
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Alright. Is there anything else I can help answer, while I'm here?