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Voice Test Post

Just what it says on the box! If you're interested in the game but not sure which character you want to play, or if you're testing out a new one, or if you just want to thread with someone, this is the place to do it. If you want to play your characters as already having Dream Eaters, that's just fine too - that's part of the fun of this game, after all!
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The Director | Red vs. Blue

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[Strange doesn't quite do the place justice. He's found his way to the market and while he dislikes crowds it seems a good place to start figuring out just what the hell is going on.]

This is the Director of Project Freelancer; now would be a good time to report Agents.

((ooc: I can't type a southern accent and not have it come out awful so I'll spare you and just let you fill in the accent.))
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[ This is not likely the answer that the Director was expecting. Peering up at him, a bright pink feline with fruit body parts and an aqua coloured bow tied around her neck offers her best kitty smile.

But Lela knew the word 'Freelancer', and the man seemed new, so no doubt he knew her Person! Clearly Lela had to stay and keep him company until her Person showed up!

[ (A world away (quite literally), a figure freezes mid-conversation with the local moogle. Though unused since her arrival in the dream, the frequency was never disabled, meaning the command uttered in unforgettable tones renders her speechless as it broadcasts within her helmet.

Apparently when the dream took things away, it sometimes gave something else in exchange. Excusing herself, one woman with a very long-held grudge heads for the nearest portal at a run.)
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[In return he peered down at the strange creature. It didn't seem hostile. Exceptionally odd... though that seemed to be the theme of the place.]

Why hello there little one.

[Tentatively, he reaches down and offers his hand to Lela.]
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[ She would certainly be one of the odder things around here, but certainly higher on the friendly scale. There's a careful sniff of fingers before Lela tips her head forward and rubs fruit-scented fur against the Director's hand, a cheery *mewf* following.

The fact there are strawberries at the top of very triangular ears doesn't seem to stop them flopping to the sides - a clear indication he should definitely scratch her head.
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[He obliges, scratching gently at her head. Paying attention to that spot just above and between the eyes that cats seem to enjoy. Otherwise, he'll let Lela move her head around so he can scratch her cheeks or chin. He doesn't want to assume that this creature is any less fickle than an actual cat.

It's oddly pleasant really. There may be the faintest upturn to the edges of his mouth.]
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[ Meooow, purrs Lela happily, before turning her head to lick at the offered hand. The Director will find his fingers pleasantly (if inexplicably) fruit-scented.

Then, suddenly, she froze, ears pricked up and attention fixed on some distant point. The giant cherry that formed her tail seemed to detach and spin in the air. Whatever she was listening for had to be close, though, as she then mewed at Church, a happy farewell of sorts, before bouncing away. Literally. With an occasional spinny motion as she crosses the cobblestone path.

What a bizarre little animal.
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[Bizarre indeed. As he watches her bound off he can't help but wonder how exactly she works. Then he remembers the pieces those moogle creatures gave him. Initially he dismissed them, 'dream eater' indeed... but now he pulls them out and inspects them more closely. He doesn't fully buy into the whole 'dream realm' concept, not yet, but if a creature could be constructed... ]
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[ It is in the midst of such focused contemplation that the distinct click and whine of weaponry being brought online hums behind him, followed by a deliberate scuff of heavily booted feet. ]

Hello, Director.

[ Somehow, she doesn't sound pleased to see you. ]
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[The sound broke through his thoughts and he stood just a bit straighter. You certainly have his attention.]

Hello, Carolina.

[His tone is conversational but there's a hit of resignation, perhaps even hurt in it. She's holding a weapon on him, of all the things he had failed to see... Remaining absolutely still and looking strait ahead, he figures for the moment anyway he's safe. If she were just going to execute him she would have done so already, not announced her presence.]

Have you come to make your report?