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Agent Carolina | Red vs Blue ([personal profile] guerriera) wrote in [community profile] weirdest_dreams_ever 2014-02-13 07:41 pm (UTC)


[ This is not likely the answer that the Director was expecting. Peering up at him, a bright pink feline with fruit body parts and an aqua coloured bow tied around her neck offers her best kitty smile.

But Lela knew the word 'Freelancer', and the man seemed new, so no doubt he knew her Person! Clearly Lela had to stay and keep him company until her Person showed up!

[ (A world away (quite literally), a figure freezes mid-conversation with the local moogle. Though unused since her arrival in the dream, the frequency was never disabled, meaning the command uttered in unforgettable tones renders her speechless as it broadcasts within her helmet.

Apparently when the dream took things away, it sometimes gave something else in exchange. Excusing herself, one woman with a very long-held grudge heads for the nearest portal at a run.)

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