psych0p0mps: smiling (♈ put your hands on your hips)
♈ Aradia Megido ♈ ([personal profile] psych0p0mps) wrote in [community profile] weirdest_dreams_ever 2014-02-11 10:43 pm (UTC)

Aradia Megido | Homestuck

[In the town square, Aradia can be found sitting on a railing and digging through her newbie goodie bag. She's humming tunelessly to herself and kicking her feet absently. The consorts on this planet are nice enough, but she's intensely curious as to whose dream bubble this actually is. She's never seen anything like it, and she considers herself pretty well-traveled in the Furthest Ring.

Plus, it's got minigames. I mean, what even.

Bother the sparkly-ass fairy troll? Y/Y]

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